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El Real Problema de la Obesidad

There is no such thing as a happy chubby  Obesity patients are discriminated against both within society and commercially. These patients, apart from feeling bad and neglected, are patients who also run a great risk of mortality because they will present cardiovascular diseases that will shorten their life, among them the most frequent is myocardial infarction.

Why does this happen?  These patients have fat disorders, dyslipidemias, this will produce accumulations at the level of the blood vessels of the heart of the coronary arteries and they will be more prone to produce heart attacks, they are generally heart attacks in young patients not in old patients.

Obesity is currently classified in two ways,  Central obesity and peripheral obesity.

Central Obesity

It is the one that will produce the greatest disease and risk of cardiovascular disease,

Peripheral Obesity

It will produce us apart from cardiovascular problems, metabolic problems, disorders at the bone structure level, that is, these patients will suffer from knee pain, ankle problems and walking problems, creating a vicious cycle where The patient will not be able to exercise, he will not be able to work on his physical condition because the weight does not leave him and by not being able to do any of these activities, he continues to gain weight.

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