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Obesity with Diabetes 

We are widely recognized internationally
for our achievements in the problems of Obesity with Diabetes through
of metabolic surgery

Currently in the world diabetes is included within the chronic degenerative diseases, it is silent, but with serious complications ranging from blindness, kidney failure, impotence, increased risk of heart attack, macro angiopathies with decreased circulation of the limbs with loss of sensation, infections, necrosis and amputations.

The problem occurs when the glucose absorbed by the intestine in the diet cannot be introduced into the muscle and a lot of glucose remains circulating, depleting the function of the beta cells of the pancreas. 

For which the  goals  to follow are:

to)  Decrease the intake in volume of carbohydrates, fats, and decrease their absorption

b)  Improve insulin resistance by 80%

c)  Prevent apoptosis (death) of the beta cells of the pancreas

d)  Stimulate GLP-1 earlier

and)  Avoid hyperglucagonemia


This is how the  Metabolic Surgery,  that  understands different surgical techniques  aimed at improving or remitting metabolic disorders such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia (cholesterol, high triglycerides) and hypertension  in order to decrease or stop taking medications.


Type 2 Diabetes  is a metabolism disorder characterized by insulin resistance and, therefore, glucose levels  is it so  elevated in blood. In other words, people with  Type 2 diabetes  have high levels of sugar in the blood because their cells cannot take advantage of it since they have become resistant to insulin, the hormone responsible for the use of glucose.

Diabetes  It is a chronic-degenerative disease, that is, it gradually causes deterioration in the body until it is exhausted, in such a way that it puts it in danger of death. In the case of  Type 2 Diabetes, degeneration occurs from overeating and not exercising (coupled with factors such as heredity), the body tires of producing insulin.

In summary the Solution is  Metabolic Surgery ... See Detailed Information Here 

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