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Gastric plication

Also known as  Gastric Imbrication,  It is a new surgery that has shown motivating results. 

Gastric plication, also known as gastric imbrincation, is a new surgery that has shown motivating results. In this procedure, the stomach is folded into folds in two lines, sutured by itself, thus reducing the usual capacity of the stomach, which is between 800 and 1200 milliliters.


The patient with this surgery reduces his gastric capacity and begins to consume fewer calories, however, unlike other surgeries such as gastric sleeve, the anxiety to eat is not greatly reduced because aghrelin does not decrease. Aghrelin remains, albeit at lower levels.

How does gastric plication surgery work?

There are different types of weight loss surgeries, each tailored to different types of patients.

Some of these surgeries are less invasive, such as the gastric band in which the patient does not have to cut any organ, as a final result, the patient manages to have a successful weight loss, generally between 25 and 30% of the weight. Initially, however, it is important as in all surgery, that the patient follow the doctor's instructions and in the case of plication the patient should follow a pre- and post-operative diet,  the most important thing is the decrease in carbohydrate and the frequency of meals.

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Informed consent

Pre-Operative Indications

Post indications


Unlike procedures such as gastric bypass and gastric sleeve, there is no need to cut or staple the stomach. When gastric plication is performed, it is not necessary to make adjustments as in the case of the gastric band, for these reasons gastric plication can be the alternative for many patients who do not want to do a more complex surgery and are looking to lose weight from a successful and safe way.


The recommended gastric plication for patients who have a lower body mass index with grade 1 obesity, maximally overweight, or grade 2 obesity.


The benefits of this gastric plication surgery:

* Does not require any cutting of the stomach

* You have an adequate weight loss, between 20 and 25%, in the best cases up to 30%.

* It is reversible.


The disadvantages is: the anxiety to eat decreases in a low percentage.

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