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Patients and Testimonials 

Since our inception, the main objective has been for the Obesity Disease Center "Obesidad Panamá" to work through a multidisciplinary team to achieve scientific and effective solutions for those patients who suffer from the scourge of obesity and its related diseases and  want to "Live More Years."

Day by day we work with that letter, and the achievements speak for themselves, many patients benefited in several years who currently visit us as frequent friends and we see in their new stage of life "The Goal Accomplished"

Animations and Surgeries
Informative Capsules
TV participation
Tutorials Doctor Cárdenas
Obesity, Reflux and Diabetes Patient Testimony

Interview with the patient after surgery, problems of Diabetes, Hiatal Hernia and Obesity were solved.

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Reflux Patient 7 Years After Operated

7 Years of Reflux Surgery, he tells us about his improvement in a condition that he suffered for many years ...

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Gastroesophageal reflux, patient showing improvement

14 months after the operation, Silvana tells us about her improvement;  suffered for 20 years, as was his recovery process  

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